Urgent ! Regarding TGD on Nexus 9


I used ‘adbd insecure’ app to get root access in adb shell in my already rooted before nexus 9 device and used tegra graphics debugger to push the files, while in connect phase. After successfully doing that, the device now is not booting up. Doing a factory reset has also not solved the problem(and I lost usb debugging so my laptop does not recognize the device) and the device seems to be useless now. Is there any fix to this?

first of all, make sure your device have enough power, then connect to your laptop, hold power key for over 30 seconds, release and press again, what’s kind of device are recognized by your laptop?

I had to remove and re-insert the entire stock firmware to make the device boot up again. There was no battery problem and nexus 9 was not booting up even after a factory reset from bootloader. Is there a compatibility issue of nexus 9 with tegra gfx debugger?

no, TGD should work with nexus 9. Have you pushed any libs manually?