[Urgent]We cannot boot up my system when we use BSP 31.1.0

We use the 32G module and the SN number is 0420219026433, the module can use BSP 31.1.0 and BSP 32.4.3, boot up smoothly and don’t find any issue on development stage。
Now we use other SN: 1422520021609 module, the module can boot up on BSP 32.4.3, but if we change it to BSP 31.1.0, the module don’t boot up and we cannot find any log from debug port of UART。Our customer MUST to use the BSP 31.1.0 on deploy stage due to they have already the full test, we need to solve this issue as soon as possible.

L4T R31.1.0 was just a pre-release. I would be very surprised if anyone either would want to use this, or especially, I would have to suggest nobody should use this. The listing of available releases is here (you might need to go there, log in, and go there again):

Do you have a reason to use R31.1.0 (other than this is what software was tested on and now running at the customer site)? The 32GB RAM size model did not yet exist when the R31.1 release came out. I do not believe it is possible for R31.1 to support a model with 32GB of RAM, at least not without patching.

However, if someone from NVIDIA who is familiar with the edits/patches required in the later L4T releases sees this, then perhaps it is possible to somehow patch this.


Sorry that r31.1 is just a pre-release. If your board works fine on rel-32.4.3, then please use rel-32.4.3.

We won’t provide fix on r31.1.

Please let us know the detail difference of Serial number for two 32G AGX SOM module, the S/N of 0420219026433 can boot up on BSP 31.1.0 and BSP 32.4.3, other S/N of 1422520021609 boot up only on BSP 32.4.3.

Do you have change the hardware on the SOM module? Why we can see the difference? Can we have the patch of SW for this issue?

Please read the PCN over dlc. There is only one related to Xavier.