Uridecodebin cannot decode an RTSP video stream

Hi @yuweiw , thank you for your reply.
In the other thread https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/nvv4l2decoder-does-not-work-with-certain-rtsp-video-stream/ , you suggested to use uridecodebin to decode video streams. I agree with you on the fact that uridecodebin might be a better (more generic) solution. Sois there a way to decode this stream with uridecodebin?

I’d like to stress that I am just looking for any possible way to support all cameras with deepstream.
I am not interested in using a method or the other, I am just looking for a way to decode both the streams.

To sum up, as of now:

  • My custom uridecoder bin does not support the first stream I sent you. It kinda work with the second stream. ( I noticed I was using video/x-raw(memory:NVMM) in the last capsfilter if you want to try it out)
  • uridecodebin cannot decode the second video stream at all

Thank you