Uridecodebin; Obtain file name from FrameMeta or ObjMeta

is there any way to obtain the ‘name’ of the file being played by uridecodebin or nvurisrcbin from framemeta or object meta ??

The property in uridecodebin is readable:

  uri                 : URI to decode
                        flags: readable, writable
                        String. Default: null

You can call g_object_get() to get the URI string after it is set

yes I can get that. But my question was, how to get it from from ObjectMeta or FrameMeta ?
use case :-> Pipeline :- A face detection-recognition pipeline + FAISS
Say a pipeline that is doing prediction is running constantly with just one source (say RTSP stream), then I dynamically add a new source in the pipeline, this would be a video file containing face of a person and name of that file would be name of that person, then I want to register output_tensor_meta/embedding in the database/faiss index.

If I do it from your method, how will I map between that file name and NvDsFrameMeta->source_id ?? because I would need that.

I have figured out a way though.
I’m attaching that file name as gst-meta to buffer and then retrieving that for every frame to decide where it came from.

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