Usage Limit for Lab Time with the course Introduction to Robotics Simulations with Isaac Sim

Hello. I bought this course around April 25, 2024, but got busy with my finals. I finally checked the course content today May 3, 2024, and I’m barely 13 minutes in but it says my Lab time has been used. I didn’t even touch anything. What is this supposed to mean? Am I supposed to buy the course again or can this be resolved by the support team? I mean, I need a lot of time to finish the course as of now. My email associated with my account is
Can the support team suggest anything?

Hello @isaacsimfyp,

Welcome to the forums. I don’t know why your account shows 12 hours used, when you have only 13 minutes into the course. I was able to give you eight hours, let me know if you have any issues.


Hi. so i just looked into it and i only got 4 hours for the lab. can you increase time for it since I’ll be spending majority of my time on it?

Hi, I gave you eight more hours.