Usb 1-2.2 can't set config #1, error -110 and usb disconnect


In the board, two usb 2.0 hub(CY7C65640) are connected to the TX2. and two USB-UART chips(FT4232H) and two 4G model device and one ttyACM0 device are connected to the two usb2.0 hub. which is depicted as below:

But the TX2 meets two serous problems!!
sometimes, After power, TX2 detect the usb devices very late and occur the error “usb 1-2.2 can’t set config #1, error -110 and usb disconnect”

sometimes, after power on, the usb device will enter into disconnected state, then connect again after several seconds, which is depicted as below:

who meet the same problems and know the reason?

Do you design your own custom board or use default board? If you design your own board, you would need to refer to product design guide and adaptation guide for custom USB lane mappings. Please check

I meet the same problem and called the trace in the bottom code (xhci-ring.c) from kernel source.
Found TRB code equal to “4” when I debug.Contrast as below from Xhc Standard Book

Could you find the root cause of “Trasaction Error”?
Looking forward to your reply.

Hi wangxin112,

Please help to open a new topic for your issue. Thanks