USB 3.0 Hub Design

I’m trying to design my custom design board for Jetson Nano. I saw VL822 USB Hub controller on the seed studio reComputer J202 - carrier Board for Jetson Nano and Xavier NX. However, i saw Realtek RTS5411s-grt on the P3449_B01 reference board. Does NVIDIA support VL822? Or, NVIDIA support Realtek IC only?

For other USB hub options than devkit, customer should handle that by themselves. You can check with vendor of custom carrier board for that of VL822.

Many thanks. If I found some RTS5411S ICs for development. However, new reference designs have RTS5489-GR. Is there any problem when i use RTS5411S? I mean, no need to change image/drivers, am i right?

Yes, no need to change.

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