USB 3.0 Support in Recovery Mode?

Does Jetson Orin NX/Nano support USB SS (5 Gbps) in Recovery mode when USB0 is wired to a USB 3.2 port?

Currently, this is still not supported.

Can this be enabled via software in the future or is this a hardware limitation? We’re designing a carrier board right now and are considering adding the necessary components to support USB 3.2 speeds on USB0.


This is actually under internal check and not yet have any conclusion. I will update the thread once we have conclusion.

Great 👍 Can you estimate how long it will take?

Quick follow-up: According to the Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board Reference Design Files the board uses a USB Type-C UFP port whose RX/TX lines are routed to USBSS1 (though signals D_N/D_P connect to USB0). The SEL input of the MUX connects directly to the USB controller so the Jetson module doesn’t need to drive it via a GPIO signal. This implies that at least the carrier board does support SuperSpeed in Recovery Mode (when no GPIOs are enabled). Would be great if someone from NVIDIA could confirm if the software/firmware supports it as well.

The current situation is the software does not support it.

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