Can you please let me know whether it is possible to integrate TYPE-C connector for usb 3.0 with TX2?
hope we need to have control for 3.0 crossbar selection lines after detecting 2.0. So for this do we have any specify GPIO pin?


Please refer to

Connecting 4 pins TX+ TX- RX+ RX- to TX2 is the proposal.

Thanks for providing the link,
We get know about enabling USB Type -c interface by setting usb lane mapping to config 3 from forum conversion you have shared. But in the following conversion one user is facing problem with config 3 even after several supports. is that issue solved?
If we use separate multiplexer for selecting any one of Tx-Rx pairs from the two Tx-Rx pairs in Type-c , What gpio is recommended to use as mux select and how we have to check for USB speed to switch mux?

The issue is on r27.1 and gets fixed in later release. Pease refer to adaptation guide and revise device tree accordingly.

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We don’t suggest this HW design. We suggest use Type-C controller solution(such as Cypress CCG4) and external MUX. Type-C controller will detect orientation and programs external MUX. Only one Tegra USB 3.0 port is used for one Type-C port.