USB 3 camera vs MIPI CSI 2 Camera for Jetson (transmission speed)

Hello Evveeryone,

I’m working on Project on Jetson TX2 where i need a camera for the Project( Object detection of small relatively small feature (the feature size is 5,9mm*6mm) from 4m to 6m distance). I’m confused which camera i should use. So i need some info about the MIPI CSI2 thathe Jetson TX2 supports.

the Jetson TX2 Support 12 lane-MIPI CSI2 2,5Gbps/lane camera interface and USB3 camera interface. when talking about the transmission speed or bandwidth, the CSI 2 is much faster than USB3, isn’t it ?

I mean with CSI2 i get 2,5*12=30 Gbps=3750 MBps for 12 lane or does the transmission speed depend also on the Bandwidth of the CSI2 Cameramodule ?

where on with USB 3 supports up to 640MBps

If my Understanding true then CSI 2 is alot faster than USB3

please correct me

Thanks in Advance

hello kjbaili,

MIPI-CSI is a high-speed data transmission protocol,
please access Jetson TX2 Series OEM Product Design Guide, check Chapter-9 for [MIPI CSI (VIDEO INPUT)].

you might also check Camera Architecture Stack, if you’re working with USB-camera, you can only access sensor streaming through v4l2src.
instead, MIPI-CSI (a.k.a bayer sensors) could enable ISP processor to tune the image quality.
please also contact with Jetson Preferred Partners for camera solutions.

Hi kjbaili,

the TX2 has 12 lanes - yes. You will not find any camera module offering 12 lanes though, since the maximum is four. The data rate also depends on the camera’s D-PHY.

I wouldn’t say that CSI is a lot faster, but USB3 has high CPU interaction and CSI data on the other hand is routed directly into memory.

If you’re still looking for the right camera, check out Allied Vision Alvium CSI-2 cameras: