USB cable: what is intended use?

this cable has micro-b male to A male as described:

For flashing the system:

FYI, the micro-A/B can behave as if it is a device (e.g., external hard drive), or as a consumer of upstream ports (e.g., a computer looking for a mouse). The micro-B causes it to behave as a device…but only when it is brought up with the recovery button held down. Seems to be inert when brought up normally… can work on this as a device when brought up with recovery button. In theory you should be able to get a micro-A and plug a mouse/keyboard/hub in.

I was able to successfully run USB host on that AB port on my TK1. I could plug a USB3 hub, mouse, and keyboard into either that port or the USB3 port and it would work automatically.


can you please tell me how to activate the micro USB port in host mode ? I connected an USB hub with a microusb-miniusb cable but it is not recognized by Linux4Tegra.

(Updated for socket clarification)
You need a cable with a 5 pin micro-A plug with the ID pin shorted to ground on one side and a female A plug on the other for it to work. It should then automatically work when plugged in with Linux for Tegra release 19.3.

The Jetson has a micro-AB socket itself to accept either standard microB cables for USB device mode, or the microA cable adapters for Host.
Note that USB device is probably not turned on by default (or turned on to do anything useful at all) in L4T.

The plug itself is “A” or “B”…the socket is “A/B” because it uses either. Function as USB and not device requires an “A” (in this case micro-A…these days it is rare for micro instead of mini). The cable it arrives with is “B”. I’m not sure if using type “A” takes care of the ID which Bill mentioned, I’ve never tried.

Thank oyu very much pointing me in the right direction. I found a USB micro-A male <–> USB A female cable lying around and was able to connect my powered USB hub with one additional cable. The hub was recognized and the mouse and keyboard are working now.

The problem is, that the mouse movements are very slow and rubbery and there is also a noticable delay in the reactions to movement. Typing on keyboard is slightly better but still feels slower than usual.

Do you know what can be the cause of this ?

you probably need USB OTG cable. Which has id pin shorted to GND like Bill described