USB Camera Resolution [SOLVED]

[s]So I bought a Logitech C615 webcam as a secondary camera source and while it works, I’m having difficulty getting it to run at full resolution. It’s connected to a powered USB hub and the only other things plugged in are a mouse and keyboard. It’s rated for 1080p, and I got 1080p recording on my Windows PC, but L4T is reporting that the max res is 640x480 which I’ve confirmed with multiple video recording programs. Is this a limitation of the UVC driver? Also, does anyone know how to integrate a USB camera into the sample camera streaming application?[/s]

Nevermind I’m an idiot. Don’t use USB 1.1 hubs with your 1080p camera.

Hi AlexP312,
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Would you please try the method mentioned by dilipkumar25 which can work for you?
Or see if another thread( can help you?


I’m not really sure how to implement gstreamer in an app and truth be told, I’ve just been modifying the visionworks demos to suit my needs. But I’m pretty sure the issue I’m facing goes deeper as the camera itself reports 640x480 as the highest supported resolution.

“lsmod” gives

Module Size Used by
rfcomm 65526 0
bnep 14792 2
bcmdhd 7445623 0
cfg80211 451262 1 bcmdhd
nvhost_vi 5087 0
bluedroid_pm 11252 0

and “modprobe uvc” gives

FATAL: Module uvc not found.

Trying to install UVC with the following gives an error

git clone --depth=1 git://
cd media_build