USB Communication Failed

when trying to flash the demo code, after make and copy in the required directory of the NVIDIA documentation, I use the following command
sudo ./ -k spe-fw mmcblk0p1

after few seconds where all seems ok, I get :
Sending blob
tegrarcm_v2 --boot recovery
Applet version 01.00.0000

tegrarcm_v2 --isapplet
USB Communication failed. Check is device is in recovery

My host is UBUNTU 20.4 (no virtual Machine)
What do I need to check to get rid of this USB Connection failure?

Hi again,

as with the other post, let me know your Jetson device and I will pass you on to the experts.

As a quick note, the Jetson SDK should contain docs that explain how to verify that the device is correctly connected (using lsusb and looking for a Jetson/Tegra entry) and how to correctly set it to recovery mode.

Also make sure you are using the correct USB ports for your specific Jetson model as well as a good quality USB cable. Trying a different one might also be a good idea.


i am using the correct USB port on the Jeston Xavier NX board.
the lsusb command shows an nvidia entry so all seems correct. The board is put in recovery mode.
the flash process starts well but then stops “in the middle” . For a USB Connection failure.

Thank you to move my post to the correct forum if this one is not the good one!

No problem, moved you over.

If the flash process stops unexpectedly in the middle of data transfer, it is most likely a faulty USB cable or port on host of device. Try a few combinations of different cables and different USB ports on your host to see if that helps.

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