USB compliance test

We follow below procedure to implement USB compliance test and the result of USB root port are passed.
There is a TUSB8041 HUB designed in the carrier board. The TX of USB SS is passed as well but the RX of USB SS and USB 2.0 test packet can’t be implemented.
Could you help to check why RX of USB SS and USB 2.0 can’t be test? It seems that the TUSB8041 can’t recognize the USB pattern.

USB 2.0 test=> follow Jetson_TX2_USB2_Tuning_Guide_Application_Note
USB 3.0 TX & RX test=> follow

Hi ansonjh,

You mean the USB port of Jetson passed the test but failed with TUSB8041, right? Please check this topic to see if any help:, if not, better to contact vendor for support on this.