USB Composite video capture

Does anybody have any suggestions for low latency usb composite video capture devices? Im only trying to fetch individual frames the card would have to be decently fast.

Ive seen some talk on the forums here but it doesnt seem the card worked, or the poster didnt post if he got it working.

Ive tried a otg102 (ezcapture2) which shows up on my ubuntu 14 lts desktop fine, but when i plug it into the tk1 it doesn’t load the driver. It seems the CX2310x driver is not loaded. I checked in the kernel sources and the driver does seems to be included.

If anybody has any tips for helping me load the driver for the card it would be great, however im still open to other cards as the ezcapture2 performance on my desktop was pretty bad and it seems to randomly freeze the whole system until I unplug it.

One card I did find is the FEBON100 UVC which shows up as a usb UVC webcam meaning their should be no need for drivers or messing around with the kernel. Does anybody have any experience with this card. It be good to know how it works before ordering it all the way from Taiwan.

Thanks in advance for any help.

For the driver module which doesn’t load, is it this “CX82310”?

I see the driver for “CONFIG_USB_NET_CX82310_ETH” simply isn’t installed by default on TK1.

As for low latency, would you describe an example case of how latency gets in the way or helps?