USB connection issue between Jetson Xavier NX and iPad Air 5


I have a issue regarding the USB connection between iPad Air 5 and Jetson Xavier NX.

If I manually connect iPad Air 5 to Jetson’s USB 0 port, iPad will recognize Jetson. I think this is correct.

  • A USB type C cable is used for this connection.
  • When connecting iPad to Jetson, iPad acts the host and Jetson acts the device.

However, if I turn off / on Jetson with the USB cable connected, the iPad will not recognize the Jetson and will never recover.
For the iPad to recognize the Jetson, I need to unplug and plug the USB cable again manually. I’m in trouble!

How do I resolve this issue?

I’m guessing that Jetson is probably acting as the USB host in booting process and some issues are occurred when Jetson change to USB device.
Can I fix the Jetson’s USB setting to device in all booting process?
Of course, If you know the other way to resolve this issue, it is OK. Please tell me.

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Thanks for reply.

So, How can I resolve this issue?
Can I reconnect the USB after occurring this issue?

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Only can do this way, due to Mac OS compatible issue.

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