USB Controller in TX2 and Xavier NX

Hi WayneWWW,

We are trying to select platform between JETSON TX2(3 USB3.1 Gen1, 3 USB2.0) and Xavier NX(3 USB3.1Gen1/USB3.1 Gen 2, 3 USB2.0).
As per one of the thread in forum, JETSON TX2 all 3 USB3.1 and 3USB2.0 share same bandwidth of USB controller i.e 5Gb/s, so we cannot connect 3 cameras which has bandwidth of 5Gb/s each to JETSON TX2 USB3.1.

For Xavier NX also all 3 USB2.0 and 1 USB3.1 also share USB controller bandwidth of 5Gb/s or 10Gb/s ? Will there be seperate USB3.0 controller and USB2.0 controller in Xavier NX SoC and when Hub is used to get multiple ports bandwidth will not be limited.

Please clarify our queries for better selection of platform.



Xavier NX is a better option. However, you may need to make customized carrier board because it is actually only one 3.1 port on devkit.

Please check the Xavier TRM document for below: USB 3.1 Ports

USB 3.1 ports support both Generation 1 SuperSpeed USB and Generation 2 SuperSpeedPlus USB 10 Gbps transfer rates.
Note that due to throughput limitations in the xHCI controller, USB 3.1 port 0 and port 3 are connected to the same SuperSpeedPlus hub to share 10 Gbps total bandwidth, while USB 3.1 port 1 and port 2 share another 10 Gbps total bandwidth. Note also that in the case of two SuperSpeed devices connected to the same SuperSpeedPlus hub, due to scheduling policy reasons each SuperSpeed device may not be able sustain the full SuperSpeed unit bandwidth if the other is device is active.