USB-Debug port (micro-USB) is not visible from my Windows PC


I flashed Jetson on my Linux PC and then plugged the USB-Debug port into my Windows PC.
But there is no device.
Of course, it’s not in recovery mode.
I need a USB-Debug port (micro-USB) to debug.
Is there any root cause?


If the system is up and running with defaults, and if the cable used is correct (many “charger” cables fail, but cables supplied by NVIDIA always work), then it should show up unless security has told Windows to not allow this without permission.

I’ll offer you an unusual way to test if the port is actually up and running with device mode when the correct cable is connected for any Jetson:

  1. On the Jetson, monitor “dmesg --follow”.
  2. Watch the log as you complete the USB by plugging the Jetson into itself.
  3. As the micro-B is in device mode, and the other USB is in host mode, the Jetson won’t care that the device is itself…whatever you see about registering a new device in the logs is an indication that the Jetson is working and fully booted.
  • If this succeeds, then likely it is a matter of telling Windows to allow using the device.
  • If this fails, then probably there is either an error in the Jetson setup, or that the cable is not valid (expected with “charger” cables, though they might partially function).

I don’t work on Windows, but the USB device and host rules are fairly constant regardless of platform.

Incidentally, I only mention plugging the Jetson into itself because it sounds like you don’t have another computer other than the Windows machine. You could boot the Windows machine with a live Linux demo CD/DVD/Thumb drive, and try the same computer which is temporarily running on Linux.

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