USB device plug in and plug out

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In AGX Xavier Quick Start Guide there is a caution:

CAUTION: ALWAYS CONNECT ALL EXTERNAL PERIPHERAL DEVICES BEFORE CONNECTING THE POWER SUPPLY TO THE AC POWER ADAPTER. Connecting a device while powered on may damage the developer kit or peripheral device. The developer kit should be powered down and disconnected from the power supply before plugging or unplugging devices or add-on modules, or connecting to the headers. (Wait for the white power LED to turn off.) This includes the camera connector, M.2 connectors, PCIe connector, and any headers.

According to this caution, should I plug in any usb device when device is powered off for each time?

Only those interfaces that do not support hotplug have such risk.

USB does not.

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No, you are not required to power off the device each time you plug in a usb device. You can connect USB devices directly and the USB device will power up, and attempt
to communicate. A normal USB hub would not cause the device to be damaged.

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