USB device problem with Orin NX

Good day to all,

we have our own carrier board equipped with an Orin NX and the original Dev-Kit device-tree. On the board there is a USB hub from Via Labs (VL822-Q7).
When we connect devices to this USB port, some do not work. When we connect one of our USB sticks, it is not recognized correctly and cannot be used as usual:

The partitions of the USB stick are not read correctly and are not available under /dev.
On another Linux machine, everything works as expected with this USB stick.

We have also made the following observations:

  • If the USB stick is connected via a USB2 extension cable, it works without problems.
  • If the USB stick is connected via a USB3.1 Gen1 hub, the partitioning can be read and changed (fdisk, cfdisk), but the partitions still do not appear under /dev.
  • Lsusb does not show the device name of the USB stick

In the kernel we have activated some debugs, but unfortunately we haven’t found a hint how to solve the problem.

Some USB devices work without problems, e.g. a USB3.2 harddisk. We have done a compliance testing with USB an everything worked fine.

Does anyone have an idea how we can solve the problem?

lsusb-vvv.log (19.3 KB)
dmesg.log (83.0 KB)

There is usb firmware update on rel-35.4.1 and indeed resolved some other issues reported from other users. How about upgrading the firmware and test again?


I have flashed the device with software version 35.4.1 and minimal adjustments. Unfortunately, the problem still exists:

dmesg_35.4.1.log (68.5 KB)


I have the same USB issue.

What is solution for it?

Sorry, no solution for this. Too many non-NVIDIA related device in use in this case which we cannot debug.

If you want to help the debug, share the usb bus trace when the error happened. Thanks.

How to get usb bus trace?

You will need a usb analyzer.

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