USB devices removed automatically in jetson nano


I have connected the following usb devices to jetson nano

a usb sdcard reader with highspeed sdcard
two usb cameras
a usb hub

I am using a gstreamer pipeline to encode the 2 usb camera feeds and save it to the sd card. The issue ecountered is ,all the usb devices get detached after a while(while running the gstreamer pipeline) and are not detected even after replug. The usb devices will be detected only after a powerdown or reboot.

I am also doing the same encoding with single usb camera and a network camera. There is no issue in this scenario.

What can be the problem for the usb detaching when 2 usb cameras are encoded?

Thanks in advanced

There is a significant likelihood that the issue is caused by power draw (cameras tend to pull a lot). Can you try a powered USB HUB? Switching power drain away from the Jetson might fix this.

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the usb hub used is externally powered will update by considering the power

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