USB disconnect after wifi firmware is downloaded on Jetson TX2

Hi Sir/Madam,

We use an external USB3 wifi which uses Marvell 8997 chip. After insert *.ko and load it’s firmware, USB will disconnect. This WiFI module works well on laptop with Ubuntu 14.04 but fails on Jetson TX2.
I’m not sure if it is because of kernel version or not. Is anyone have related experience?

[  367.926025] usb 4-1: new SuperSpeed USB device number 3 using xhci-tegra
[  367.947226] usb 4-1: feature bit otg_vbus_off set
[  367.952009] usb 4-1: New USB device found, idVendor=1286, idProduct=2052
[  367.958843] usb 4-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3
[  367.966059] usb 4-1: Product: Marvell Wireless Device
[  367.971202] usb 4-1: Manufacturer: Marvell
[  367.975346] usb 4-1: SerialNumber: 0000000000000000
[  367.981053] xhci-tegra 3530000.xhci: tegra_xhci_mbox_work mailbox command 6
[  367.990199] VID/PID = 1286/2052, Boot2 version = 3117
[  367.995277] rx_work=1 cpu_num=6
[  368.001576] Request firmware: mrvl/usbusb8997_combo_v4.bin
[  368.434726] fw_dnld: 603520 bytes downloaded
[  369.493812] <b>usb 4-1: USB disconnect</b>, device number 3
[  369.502322] xhci-tegra 3530000.xhci: tegra_xhci_mbox_work mailbox command 6
[  370.955850] xhci-tegra 3530000.xhci: tegra_xhci_mbox_work mailbox command 5
[  370.962882] xhci-tegra 3530000.xhci: tegra_xhci_mbox_work ignore firmware MBOX_CMD_DEC_SSPI_CLOCK requestMD_DEC_SSPI_CLOCK request MBOX_CMD_DEC_SSPI_CLOCK request

BTW, I just found suggest wifi adapters for TK1

Is it also suitable for TX2?

Thank you.

Hi JasonFan,

Do you mean “other” usb device will disconnect if you load the module of this wifi dongle?

Hi WayneWWW,

No. usb wifi module disconnect. (have verified wifi module on laptop and works well)

Here are the steps:
Insert driver (*.ko) -> Plug-in WiFi USB module -> TX2 detects USB wifi device
-> load WiFi FW from /lib/firmware/ ->USB WiFi disconnect.

Do that driver and wifi fw support Kernel4.4?

Yes, official documents said “Supported Linux Kernel versions Linux 2.6.34 up to 4.8”

Looks like unless we enable the log in firmware. We don’t know what is going on.

I will check if we have known supported wifi module.

Thank you, WayneWWW.

I will also check it with wifi module vendor if I can monitor wifi status or watch it’s log.

Hi WayneWWW,

I found once I connect an external USB3.0 hub, everything will be fine.
I think after wifi driver loads wifi FW from host to chip, it will disconnect usb and connect to detect USB-wifi again for identify USB-wifi FW related information.

So I think the problem is after wifi driver disconnects USB connection, host(TX2) can’t detect usb device automatically again.

Hi JasonFan,

I am wondering if this would happen to all USB wifi dongle. Or just the specific one with its driver.
Seems that there is no other wifi dongle tested. I will find one and try.