USB endpoint limit in ORIN NX

We are going to use Orin NX in our project and we would like to know how many USB endpoints allowed. According to the Orin Series Technical Reference Manual, It supports up to 30 usb endpoints

However, when we connected usb devices to the Orin AGX we got more than 30 endpoints, see the image below:

Maybe there is an error in the document?

We would like to know what is the actual endpoint limit in Orin NX and is it the same limit as in Orin AGX.


It should be 90.

Thank you for the reply.
The limit of the number of endpoints should be configured or it is constant?


It is a constant value from xusb firmware. And that is not open source thing.

Does the USB connection scheme matters?
For example, is it possible to connect all the endpoints on one USB3.2 port of the Orin nx using multiple USB hubs?

No, it cannot change the limitation.

Sorry, I was not clear about the last question.
I understand that the limit can’t be changed, but is it possible to connect all the 90 endpoints on a single USB port of the Orin NX (using USB hubs for example)? Or it should be somehow divided between different USB ports of the Orin nx?

It could be on a single usb port.

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