USB Gadget Mode - HID

I want to enable HID function in usb gadget mode.

When I tried to “sudo mkdir hid.usb0” in /sys/kernel/config/usb_gadget/l4t/functions,
I got “mkdir: cannot create directory ‘hid.usb0’: No such file or directory”

I could make other function on that folder successfully. ( acm.GS1 … )

How can I make hid function? What should I type in BLANK? - “sudo mkdir BLANK”

The related configs mat not be enabled by default. Please check if this helps:

I could check that also in /usr/src/linux-headers-4.9.140-tegra-ubuntu18.04_aarch64/kernel-4.9/.config file.
There is a line like


So, I should rebuild the kernel. Thank you for your answer!

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