USB instability with realsense

I followed the instructions on jetsonhacks to install librealsense with UVC, and my R200 camera works great when it’s the only device in use. When I connect it to my robot and send instructions over usb as well as get lidar scans, librealsense crashes randomly after 1~10 minutes with the error rs_wait_for_frames(device:0x8351f0): Timeout waiting for frames, which is apparently caused by usb issues.

I’ve tried putting the realsense on the sole usb 3.0 port and the other usb devices on the micro-B port without success.

Would adding a pci-e to usb 3.0 adapter help with the instability? Are there any known depth sensors that work without issue on the tk1?

One thing to think about is the power draw of the RealSense and the LIDAR unit. I think one experiment worth trying would be to run the RealSense and the LIDAR through a powered USB 3.0 hub on the bench to see if that remedies the situation. The mPCIE to USB may also fix the problem, but if it’s a power issue it’s probably useful to know that. Also, the RealSense seems sensitive to the length of USB cable. Did you add an extender or longer cable to it?

After some experimentation the realsense node works after I unplug/replug, I’ll probably just work around it by simulating that in software.