USB issue on Orin AGX

When i am trying to access data from arduino to Orin initially there were no issues and data transmission was good but once i stop the code and start it again i am unable to receive the data the aduino tx was continously in ON can i know the reason.

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You should probably move this to the Orin AGX forum (this is for the Nano).

I have moved this over.

Thanks for pointing this out.


I ran into the same problem as you.
Specifically, I have an arduino device that communicates via usb, and when the port is opened for the first time via orin, neither communicates with each other without any issues.
But once orin closes the communication, and when the port is opened again, the tx of arduino will be blocked.

The same code and ardunio, I don’t have any problem on xavier, 5.0.1, it won’t block, on the common arm development board, I also tested it, there is no problem.

the orin is 5.1(rev1).

What do you mean by xavier 5.0.1 is that Xavier AGX or NX

It’s Xavier AGX with jetpack 5.0.1.
I was developing on Xavier before, and after I bought Orin, I installed the latest jetpack 5.2 on Orin, and this problem occurred.

Do you use uart to transmit data from arduino to Orin? Not sure which interface is used in the use-case. Please share more information.

We have used default usb provided by arduino board which is transmitting data using tx.

Please check the below video once it was just simple code (receiving data from arduino in serial )

This is fixed from Jetpack 5.1.2. Please upgrade and give it as try.

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