Usb logitech camera is pending

Hello I have a question I am in 1 project for classification. with getting started with jetson nano.

When I run the sell its like is pending the kernel, [*]

It showing the camera is on, but still its like still the kernel is running, for some reason., I cant continue with the next sell. why this happen any suggestion

Hi @jonathan3110, are you able to view the video from the camera?

Also, when you ran the first notebook for the camera test, did something similar happen or did the cell get marked as finished?

If you can proceed through the classification notebook without issue, you can probably just ignore it. If not, you can try Restart Kernel and Clear All Outputs in JupyterLab or restarting the container to try again.

I tried the test lab for usb camera and works at the first time, I tried again now is also in the test lab for camera and also is like pending., even after the Jupyter lab is not processing nothing the camera looks like on.(restart kernel and clear all outputs.)

to restart the container is some command, or simple reboot the nano and then run again the the

Go back to the SSH terminal that you started the container in, and then press Ctrl+D to exit the container. Then re-run your script or docker run command to re-start the container. Alternatively, you could just reboot the Nano and run the container again.

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I tried all those ideas

Today I even reinstall the image from zero
reformtad sd card from zero, and nothing happen. the same problem

the camera has a small light to indicate that the camera is on,
I tried the hello camera usb , the same.

I am planning to swich to rasberri camera,

So I need to run another command to change in the container for this camera, since I have create for USB,

Look it stay like this alot of time, here in the screenshot.

The solution that has works for was :, for some reason the usb didnt want to work…

I have changed to the rasberri pi v2 camera,
when I run the container I just add :
–volume /tmp/argus_socket:/tmp/argus_socket

This works now , thanks for help.