USB not work on my board by Jetpack 4.6.3/R32.7.3

I recently customized a carrier board without ina3221 and tca9539, a USB2.0 and a USB3.0 port which are the same as NVIDIA devkit carrier board.However,the USB3.0 does not work on my carrier board, its power enable pin USB_VBUS_EN1(A18) keeps low.I see it is a common isssue with customized carried board when searching the forums. Many different solutions with different Jetpack version. My version is Jetpack 4.6.3/R32.7.3.Could anyone point out solution for this version?

I tried some previous topic but with no luck:
USB doen’t work on Custom Board //JetPack 4.3 R32.31

It is not only different solution with different jetpack. It is different solution with different kind of hardware design…

Please refer to the adaptation guide instead of copying something you don’t know from forum.

Hint: Pay extra attention to anything regarding the device tree (or PINMUX spreadsheet which is for helping customize this).

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