USB OTG is not working in custom carrier board


We have designed the custom carrier board for TX2. During bring-up we have encountered an issue in the USB OTG. During the USB Client mode, the port is working correctly, but in the USB Host mode it is not working. After plugging the device the USB0_OTG_ID goes to the low state correctly but the USB0_EN_OC pin is still at low state, it should be high for the correct operation.

This issue occurs in our carrier board only. There is no issue in the nvidia’s carrier board.

I have attached the log file of both Nvidia carrier board and Our custom carrier board. From this log you can see that, in custom board the device detection process stopped at “extcon-gpio-states external-connection:extcon@1: cable state 2” stage itself.

Hi, what’s the difference between your board and dev kit? It looks more like a hardware design issue.

Hi Trumany,

Thanks for your response.

There is no issues in the hardware. I have done the changes mentioned in the below link, after that the USB Host operation is worked without any issues.

Hari kumar