USB port not working on our Carrier Board Jetson TX2i

Hi all, I have just flashed the Jetson TX2i on our carrier board, but after Jetson boot I found out that the USB ports on that board not working. I’m unable to connect mouse and keyboard via these ports.

Can you provide any guide on how to solve the issues?



If you are using different hardware design, then you need to modify the dts according to your desgin.

You can refer to TX2 adaptation guide published on 2019 to see detail.

Thanks for your support. My carrier board is J120 – Auvidea, I had tried to install Jetpack 4.4.1, 4.3, 4.2 and updated Firmware for Jetson TX2 based carrier boards following:
Just Jetpack 4.2 work with Jetson Tx2i. Any idea with the issue of the latest Jetpack version that USB ports not working. Thanks !!


We don’t know the design of Auvidea. You may contact them to report this error to them.