USB port stopped working during a GPIO test

Hi All,
TX2 is my first linux embedded SOC and I was trying to get my GPIO to work. But, before I could do that, my USB ports stopped working. Does this mean that I have to flash my TX2 again ? or is there anything else possible ? I am not able to do anything on the TX2 as of now because, I cannot connect my Input devices to it. My HDMI works fine though.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Do you have ssh access? Or better yet, a serial console? If so, then you can run some commands to do some debugging. If you’ve never flashed, then you probably want to do that anyway to get to the R28.1 release.

you may also try usb-hub with external power

@linuxDev I have flashed my TX2, couple of months back. I ordered my serial console cable but No luck. It doesnt do anything expected. Any suggestions ?

Is there any serial console output at all you can post? Do you have a router you can check for an assigned IP address? It is odd to have no serial console while video shows up…it tends to imply serial console is not set up correctly since it is very hard to stop the serial console from having at least some functionality (incorrect serial port settings will do this almost every time).

The idea of testing with a powered USB HUB (or even just a separate HUB) is a valid test as well. It isn’t unusual for a single USB device to bring down all USB devices on that root_hub.