USB ports non-functional, need RMA

I have been trying to use the live chat for a couple of weeks to get an RMA for my Jetson Nano but after waiting more than 30 minutes (when it always estimates 5 minutes to start) multiple time I have been unsuccessful.

The USB ports are completely non-functional. I can see the “hubs” in lsusb but I cannot get any keyboard or mouse to work, nor when I plug in a USB flash disk does the LED light up at all or any new devices discovered using dmesg.


Hi hobbes1069,

So you haven’t been able to enter your contact information and submit the RMA request, right?

When I googled what to do it was recommended to try the live chat first, but I’ve not been able to get to an person after multiple attempts.

Per this link:

Hi @hobbes1069, sorry about that - please email about your RMA request.