USB Ports on Xavier NX Dev Kit

I am trying to connect a USB 3.0 camera to the Xavier NX Dev Kit. Occasionally, when I plug in the camera it will fall under the USB 2.0 bus, and other times it will fall under the USB 3 bus.

I have attached a snippet from the dmesg output.

My biggest concern is this is not deterministic. Can someone provide me with some more information on why it will sometimes fall under the USB 2.0 bus? And is there a way to set which bus to use (USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0) in a udev rule or something similar?

If you need some more logs or info, please let me know. Thanks!

The enumeration begins with USB3 TX+/TX-/RX+/RX- and then USB2 D+/D-. Looks like the signal quality is not stable and fails in USB3 enumeration. Does the device pass compliance test and have USB3 certification? Please share information about the device such as brand and model ID.

This is the device

The device looks for industrial usage and probably the signal is not stable always. Do you also observe it with other USB3 devices such as USB3 pendrive?

We have verified USB3 compliance test for Jetson platforms in each release. The devkit should be good.