USB Powered HDD on Xavier dropping off bus.

I’m having issues with USB powered rotary drives constantly dropping off the USB bus and having to remount. I tried plugging them into a powered USB hub (from Amazon Basics) but still have the same issue. Was thinking it was a power issue on the bus. Tried multiple HDDs with the same issue.

Anyone else seeing this issue? Maybe SSD work better. What the most cost effective way of adding more storage. 250Gb + thinking an M.2 drive might be good option but wanted to use the hardware I currently have.

Anyone using eSATA port and what drives work best?

UPDATE: Mounted this disk on host PC so that I can access it over NFS and works fine although the bandwidth is not optimal at least I can carry on working.

You might want to run “dmesg --follow”, and then add the USB storage and show logs which appear as the problem hits. Normally I would think externally powered HUBs would solve any such issues, so I wonder if something else is going on.

Btw, if you need performance and do not need to share the disk among multiple computers, then iSCSI is probably superior. On the other hand, set up is very complicated in comparison to mounting NFS.