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We have a need to print out some documents from TX2 platform, but can’t find a printer that can connect to TX2.
Do any one know is there any usb printer support by TX2?

I can’t answer specifically, but can add something to start with…

If the CUPS print system is installed, then most any printer with a “PPD” file (basically a printer specification, originally only for PostScript printers, but many printers now have this…PostScript is always supported) can be imported into CUPS. CUPS won’t care if the printer is USB or ethernet, you just have to provide setup via the web interface (on the local computer “” if running).

The real trick is that many printers offer some sort of utility function, e.g., they’re also scanners, but more important, some have ink level available for remote software, or the ability to print test pages, cartridge alignment, so on, and those APIs are often not supported. Most people can go to the printer and look at its front panel and get that information or use that function, so it isn’t necessarily a big deal, but beware that such functions, when used via the computer API, may not have support. If such support is available via the standard Ubuntu packages for a PC, then it might be available under arm64/aarch64 architecture.

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