USB recovery host computer driver issue

I am using my window 7 desktop as host computer with Ubuntu 14 with VM, there is no issues for preparing Jetpack 3, however, my host computer need NVIDIA APX driver when I connect TX2 micro USB to host for flashing. my problem is the host computer have problem to work with NVIDIA APX.
do I really need NVIDIA driver for this USB recovery?

Is this a standard Jetson TX2 on a dev board? It seems some people are starting to mention failed flashes with the “APX” in it, but I’m not sure what APX is (this is something an ordinary JTX2 does not show, I’m guessing it is some other variant of the Jetson TX2).

Quite likely, the host detects the TX2 module as some particular NVIDIA device.
That will clearly interfere with the USB as it should be seen by the flashing host.
If the USB device is properly forwarded to the VM, the host should not want to install a driver, and you wouldn’t see this problem.

I highly recommend dual-booting into actual Ubuntu for developing for Jetson, so you won’t have these problems.
As you re-boot the Jetson, it may fall off the USB and come back on again, and the host may choose to re-detect it and not forward it to the VM, for example. Avoid this, use a real OS.

thanks guys, I am using standard jetson TX2 develop kits, one question, if there any other solution to flash Jetpack 3 into the system?

Be aware that if you just want to flash you don’t need JetPack, you only need the driver package plus sample rootfs. If you want to install extra packages after flash, then this is a separate step which command line can’t do. However, JetPack has options for what you want to do, and you can use JetPack after a command line flash without re-flash. Package installs and flash are separate steps even if JetPack can check them all. So when you say flash JetPack 3 to the system, are you talking about just flashing? If so, and you want to flash command line, see:
(adjust for R28.1 package names)

Try just flashing and running JetPack after this for packages.

thanks guys,
finally I flash my TX2 with an pure Ubuntu 14 PC , VM did not work properly.

appreciated your support