USB Redirection Wacom Tablets

Noticing some issues with Wacom tablets when redirecting USB to the endpoint. All of the functions for the device work as expected, buttons, swipes etc… However the simplest function, having the cursor track the pens movement fails.

Has anyone successfully configured USB redirection for drawing tablets? Our environment is as follows:

XenDesktop 7.6
Citrix Reciever 4.2.100

Expect to see this resolved in the next update from Citrix.

They’ve demonstrated it fully working but have yet to release the updated VDA & Receiver

Do you know what updates are needed to fix this?

It’s not yet released by Citrix.

I’d expect it to be a combination of a new VDA and an updated receiver.

Thanks do you know when its expected to be released?

No idea, Citrix would be the best place to ask. They may have a major release later in the year, but the details of what’s in it isn’t public.