USB TID Number for Orin NX and AGX Xaviera

We need to get our products, one uses the AGX Xavier the other the Orin NX, USB IF Certified. To do so we need the USB TID number for these modules. Where can I obtain these numbers.

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Hi, please refer to the module data sheet and Regulatory and Compliance Documents in DLC for cert info.

Thank you for this link. These documents do not contain any reference to USB certification or the USB IF TID number.

Hi, we don’t provide that as the devkit is for development only, not for product. Customer product should get to pass the cert based on the custom design/board.

Thank you Trumany for the response.
I understand that the customer’s product needs to be certified. In order to obtain USB IF certification, all the components, including the USB controller need to be USB IF certified. The connector manufacturers provide the TID number for their product’s certification. It is the USB controllers within the Xavier AGX and Orin NX modules that need to have a TID number in order for the USB ORG to provide certification (after proper testing) of the entire product. Without USB TID numbers for the Xavier AGX and Orin NX modules, any product based on these can not be USB Certified.

Hi, I am not sure if your understanding is correct, but we didn’t share any TID number to any customer before.

Have your other customers received USB IF certification for their products, without a TID number for the Xavier AGX or Orin NX (or other Jetson) modules?
We were informed by the authorized independent USB Test lab that they can’t certify the product without it.

Sure, there are so many other customers had done this. We never shared TID number before.

What is required by us for you to share the TID numbers?

Checked inside, we don’t share that.