USB type C port dropped out

Hi everybody,

Today I found the USB type C port dropped out from TX2 board.

Is there suggestion for this kind of condition?


We don’t have USB type C on our default carrier board. Is the issue on your custom board?


Oh! I’m sorry, I mean the smaller one on the left side beside the USB 3.0 port.

Somehow I couldn’t upload the picture to . So I can’t show you the picture.

It is USB2 micro AB. Could you try to re-flash th esystem via Jetpack 3.2?

Is it is still not working after clean re-flash, the hardware component may be broken.


I mean USB2 micro AB was completely apart from the board.

Could I stick it back? Or how to solve this condition.

If you have a hot air solder gun, you may be able to clean up the solder, apply new solder paste and flux, and solder it back onto the board (in standard “board re-work” procedure.) You want to disconnect everything and remove the module and the antennas and such before trying this.
It looks a little crowded among all the other connectors, so if you have no experience doing re-work, it’s probably not a great idea to try it yourself. Try buying one of the Jetson TX1 devkits on discount instead; the motherboard is the same as the TX2 kit as far as I know.