USB unable to connect

I’m trying to connect a ZED-F9P RTK device over USB but it keeps failing when i use J512 or J513 ports. However, if I use the USB PCIe expansion card i get a successful connect.

Here are the dmesg logs:

[ 1365.510521] ucsi_ccg 1-0008: port0 evt: Type-C Port Connect Detected
[ 1365.512399] ucsi_ccg 1-0008: [typec-port0] Cable state:1, cable id:2
[ 1373.298157] ucsi_ccg 1-0008: port0 evt: Source Disabled State Entered
[ 1833.882273] ucsi_ccg 1-0008: port0 evt: Type-C Port Disconnect Detected
[ 1833.884186] ucsi_ccg 1-0008: [typec-port0] Cable state:0, cable id:2
[ 1863.391924] ucsi_ccg 1-0008: port1 evt: Type-C Port Connect Detected
[ 1863.393780] ucsi_ccg 1-0008: [typec-port1] Cable state:1, cable id:2
[ 1871.173326] ucsi_ccg 1-0008: port1 evt: Source Disabled State Entered

Here is PCIe USB expansion board connect:

[ 2362.824442] usb 3-1: new full-speed USB device number 5 using xhci_hcd
[ 2362.865017] usb 3-1: New USB device found, idVendor=1546, idProduct=01a9
[ 2362.865029] usb 3-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=0
[ 2362.865036] usb 3-1: Product: u-blox GNSS receiver
[ 2362.865041] usb 3-1: Manufacturer: u-blox AG -
[ 2362.869508] cdc_acm 3-1:1.0: ttyACM0: USB ACM device

After doing a software reboot (sudo reboot) the issue still remains, but if I pull the plug it and when it comes back up it it works:

[ 7.536427] cdc_acm 9-4:1.0: ttyACM0: USB ACM device

user@user:~$ lsusb
Bus 009 Device 003: ID 1546:01a9 U-Blox AG

Is only this kind of device hitting the error or even some other usb3 or usb2 devices would hit error too?

I’ve only seen this behavior with this device. I was some posts on this forum talking about a similar issue, like this one


Please check below

  1. Attach the full dmesg with problematic device connected. Do not parse any log. The raw log is just the best.

  2. Please see if only typeC port has such problem or even the type A has such issue.

dmesg.txt (91.2 KB)

plugged the device into type A and type C, will show up after i plug it in and out

The issue may be triggered by unstable power supply or signal quality is not good. Please try to connect the device to a USB hub with external power supply, and connect to the type-A or type-C port.

And please confirm the device has done compliance test.

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