USB_VBUS_EN0 tied to GND

I tied USB_VBUS_EN0 (pin 87) to GND in my custom carrier board and when I connect a USB to Ethernet adaptor to the micro USB port it doesnt’ work. I am trying to elimintate the hardware design as an issue before I dive into into a software solution. The USB should be configured as HOST when I plug in the adaptor; we aren’t plugging anything else in there so we only need USB OTG to be configure the same way. I designed a carrier baord for the TOradex IMX6 and I tied vbus detect to ground and this did the job. I’m wondering if I may have made a mistake tying the vbus detect to gnd on the jetson nano because it’s an open-drain input.

I looked at the jetson nano product deisgn guide and noticed that they put a mosfet on that pin. I’ll be designing a new board shortly so I can make hardware mods if needed, but need to try fix this one to understand what to fix.

Any advice would be appretiated.

Hi, USB0 port is device only, we don’t recommend to use it as host. The pin 87 should not be connected to GND all along.


Thank you for your response.

I think I miss spoke. The device I’m plugging in requires power from my carrier board and allows an ethernet cable to be plugged in so that the jetson can get internet via usb. So really the USB0 would need to be in device mode right?

This is the device except mine has a microsub plug: Plugable USB 2.0 to Ethernet Fast 10/100 LAN Wired Network Adapter Compatible with Chromebook, Windows, Linux : Electronics

Let’s say it does need to be in device mode… would I leave the vbus pin 87 floating, or tie it to 3.3v?

Thank you!

Please refer to the USB Connection Example in product design guide. You can use USB1 as host. The 5V can be supplied as listed in the figure 6-1.

[update] Host mode is supported on USB0 port too, there will release a doc for the design.

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