USB Wifi dongle works on the Dev board but not on the custom carrier board

Hi all,

The USB wifi dongle works on the dev board and connects to the internet, but when the exact same Orin module is mounted on a custom carrier board the wifi doesn’t work with the same dongle. Using the lsub the dongle is recognized on the carrier board but wlan0 does not come up in nmcli or ifconfig. It’s very confusing why this is happening. It definitely not a hardware problem as the USB ports work fine.

Just one more note, not sure if it changes anything. We are using the same 10GbE ethernet chip as the dev board on the custom carrier PCB but since it doesn’t have any firmware loaded, it doesn’t function. Could this be affecting the wifi somehow?

@WayneWWW I’ve attached the boot serial output here:

boot.log (90.7 KB)

I don’t see usb log tells you have wifi dongle connected. What is lsusb result?

didn’t have the wifi dongle inserted during boot. When I plug it in after the boot it does show up in the lsusb command however no wifi capability shows up. It seems like the entire networking side of Linux is not functioning. The device does NOT show up in the ifconfig -a command. I also plugged in the wifi dongle before booting and attached is the new boot log. However, the results once it boots are the same. The USB Wifi dongle uses rtl8821 driver.

boot - wifidongle.log (91.8 KB)

UPDATE: by using the lsmod command, it seems the rtl8xxxu driver is not loaded on the custom board after booting. So it’s starting to look like the problem is that the driver can successfully load on the custom board even though on the dev board it does load it up.

How about you just shared everything all at once instead of sharing thing one by one…?

I mean you could just post the boot log and lsusb -v result of devkit and your custom board all at once.

You don’t need to put one log in day1 ,another log in day2, lsusb in day3…
And of course I need your usb device connected when you dump log…

Sorry Wayne We seem to be on two different time zones. Here are the lsmod and lsub logs:

lsmod (2.6 KB)
lsusb -v (30.2 KB)

and the boot log is already attached to my previous reply.


Is previous log based on devkit or based on your custom board?

all the logs are from the custom board

Could you share the log from devkit too? This needs comparison. You said the wifi is able to work fine on devkit, right?

As I already mentioned in previous comment.

@WayneWWW I think the main problem is the board bring up. There are a couple of differences with my board vs the dev board. There are no USB Cs and no SUB OTG, all usbs are USB Type A. The M.2 wifi module is completely removed on the custom board. So I’ll post another topic for the board to bring up to make sure everything is right on the firmware and kernel side first.

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