Usb wireless keyboard doesn't work initially but works after few reboots

Initially after purchasing Jetson Nano, I used usb mouse and keyboard without any issues, but when I started to use Intel realsense d435i camera, things weren’t working. keyboard types two letters when I type one, sometimes it doesn’t. Changed to new keyboard but it was still the same, and keyboard wasnt working with other laptops too. Then planned to go for usb wireless keyboard, things are fine, but the problem is, when you boot your nvidia jetson nano to start your day, the keyboard wouldn’t work, you need to reboot atleast 3 to 4 times, and suddenly it would work, this is going on for last full week, I am not sure, what is happening, but the thing is I am wasting lot of time to get it work, is there any possible solution to this?

Please try to connect to external USB hub and then connect to the USB devices. To check if it is more stable with external power supply. Realsense camera requires much power so the power supply of the embedded hub may not be sufficient for all devices.

And the latest release is Jetpack 4.6.2. If you don’t use this release, please upgrade and try.

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