USB0 device mode with Jetson Nano

Hello @ShaneCCC ,

We are using Jetson Nano CPU module with our custom board and used USB0 in custom board for USB Device mode. when we connect with USB cable with PC that time it can able to mount drive at PC side and able to read the content of mounted drive.

Here, My doubt is that we are not able to write or create file in to mounted drive and seems it is write protected. so how can we get write access of it?

One more doubt is that we have given provision in custom board of USB device mode but what purpose we can use it? can you suggest use cases of USB0 device mode?

Thanks in Advance,


That one has been set as ro in opt/nvidia/l4t-usb-device-mode/

If you want write access, then remove the ro setting in it.

Hello @WayneWWW,

Can you suggest some use cases of USB device mode?


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