USB0_VBUS_DET necessity


Would you advise me if USB0_VBUS_DET of USB2 can be fixed to the ground, if I use the port only for softweare flash with the USB recovery?


For ‘USB2’, do you mean usb2-0? By default we use usb2-0 for system flashing.

I mean the GPIO00/USB0_VBUS_EN0 pin. For the dev kit, it is used as USB0_VBUS_DET connecting to USB VBUS through a level shifter. For custom carrier board development, and if I use the port only for system flashing (not use bus power), can I leave the GPIO00/USB0_VBUS_EN0 pin unconnected (or set to the ground)?

For more clarification.
So you use usb2-0[pin# 109 111] port for flashing and would like to know if USB0_VBUS_DET[pin# 87] has to be grounded in hardware design?

The product design guide describes the VBUS connection to the pin. If it is unnecessary for system flashing, I’d like to eliminate it to reduce the BOM cost. If it’s OK, please also advise me it should be connected to ground or left unconnected?

Hi tfuru2,

The USB function in recovery is fixed to the device only and does not refer to ID pin and VBUS_DET pin.
Put USB0_VBUS_DET grounded will not affect the function in recovery. You can leave it unconnected or grounded.

Thank you!