USB2.0 cannot be used after upgrading the SDK version

All of my USB hardware connections are as follows.
The USB2.0 hub is connected to two USB 2.0 type A, 4G and WiFi.

4G and WiFi work normally,
but two USB2.0 type A not work

  1. What is otg_usb D+/D- here ? USB0 D+/D- here?
  2. I see you say m.2 key E is ok but another usb2.0 are not working but they are all behind the usb 2.0 hub, is that correct?
  1. yes

  2. yes, they are all behind the usb 2.0 hub

ok, that is why I cannot understand your problem.
It seems not an issue with tegra side. If those m.2 key is working, then the usb port from tegra is working.

Please contact the hub vendor and see if they can provide any debug tip.

And if you don’t need otg function, why did you put usb2-0 under xudc?

Did you really read the adaptation guide?

Mainly I can work on the R32.1 SDK version, I am very strange

I refer to this

Please refer to the official document…

I already posted the link above.