USB2.0, Port 2 Enable and Over-current protection


I would like to know if there is a pin that would allow control for enable and over-current sensing for the USB2.0 Port 2.

A quick google search return that auvidea J140 carrier board is using A19 as USB2_EN_OC, but on the OEM datasheet, A19 is listed as reserved pin.

Can someone clear the confusion?

hello Baycken,

usb over current detection function is default enabled for Jetson-TX2.
this is detected by the XUSB_PADCTL_OC_DET, you could refer to below kernel function for more details.

path: kernel/t18x/drivers/pinctrl/pinctrl-tegra186-padctl.c
function: void tegra18x_phy_xusb_handle_overcurrent(struct phy *phy){…}

I was unable to find the given function in the given file on the L4T verions 27.1

Is the function location changed from the previous version?

hello Baycken,

we’ll have next public release that add above mentioned function for TX2.
stay tuned, thanks