USB3.0 HUB chip rts5489


Hello, I want to ask about the USB3.0 HUB chip rts5489 used on the download board. We can’t find this material. I want to ask where we can get it.

Hi, please check with vendor Realtek for it.

I found many agents and said that there was no agent for this chip. Can you provide some samples? Now we need this material to make a model. We are very anxious.

Please check with vendor for sample.

Which supplier should I contact? The suppliers provided on the official website basically contacted and said they didn’t represent the chip.

Please contact Realtek for documentation and samples.

RTS5420 is the P/N for Realtek.

More information, please refer: NVIDIA Jetson NX Developer Board Part Unavailable - RTS5489-GR - #5 by Trumany

You mean I can use rst5420 instead of rst5489? Are they pin to pin compatible?

Yes, should be.

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