USB3.1 and USB 2.0 combinaison

Hello, are USB S.S #0, #1 And#3 totaly independant ? Can we connect 2 different cameras on USBSS1 and USBSS2 and use USB#2(usb 2.0) to combine with USB S.S#0 on A-Type port ?

Hi there @robert.huynh and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I assume you are talking about some Jetson board, can you tell me which one exactly? Then I can refer you to the correct category here in the forums.


Hi Markus, We use the JETSON ORIN NX


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Every USBSS must have one usb2.0 pin as companion.

And USB#2(usb 2.0) to combine with USB S.S#0 on A-Type port should be okay. But you need to consider other ports too. I mean USBSS1 and USBSS2 need to have their own usb2.0 pin too.

Hi Wayne , Thank you for your answer
So we have to use a Hub to combine USB 2.0 and USB SS
As USB#0 is dedicated to OTG will it work through a HUB ?

No, that OTG won’t work.

Hi Wayne ,
what solution can we have to use the 3 USB S.S in the same time ?


I am not sure what is your exact requirement.

The design of above diagram should be fine except that OTG port.

Hi , As OTG need to be on USB#0 we can’t use a HUB to use the third USBSS to connect a camera.
(the first USB-Type A port is use to connect to another board using USB SS also).
Hope I’ve been clearer.

Then your request cannot be achieved. Put the multiple usb cams on same hub otherwise it won’t work.