USB3 cameras do not initialize properly on boot


When using FLIR Blackfly S USB3 cameras, we observe the following behavior:

  1. When Xavier is turned on with cameras plugged in, the cameras intermittently fall off the bus/have an unstable connection
  2. When cameras are unplugged and plugged back in AFTER Xavier has booted up, they work as expected

We’re able to consistently replicate this behavior. This behavior happens even if the cameras are plugged into an externally-powered USB3 hub.

We have seen this on both the Xavier AGX dev kit as well as an Xavier with a Rogue carrier board. The Xavier was set up with Jetpack 4.3.

Any help appreciated, as this is a real problem for deploying our solution.

Please share the kernel log(dmesg) for reference.

Also, it would be great if you can try r32.2.3/Xavier AGX dev kit. We don’t have the device and would be helpful if you are able to test different version and share the result. It can show whether this is a possible regression or not.